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Cousins by marriage,  Mimi x Ché, go by the names I Lov3 Mimi & Aliché. The duo started off as solo artists, collaborating on the smash hit Show My A$$ in 2019, they continued collaborating on Aliché's Exx Ep. The songs they created inspired them to decide to collaborate on a joint album and form a duo. Mimi x Ché was born!

They bonded over their shared passion for writing, recording, and the overall magical feeling they get while working together. 

Each member brings a unique musical aesthetic to the duo. Over the short years of working together, they’ve grown tremendously in their singing and songwriting skills.


Their Future is Bright

There is no stopping Mimi x Ché. They have survived and worked through a pandemic, had babies 2 weeks apart and set goals and crushed them to get back on track for their album release.

Where do they see themselves? “Everywhere! Selling out shows. Reaching the Billboard Hot 100 and walking the Grammys red carpet. Its all coming in the near future.” - Miché



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